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Celebrate 75 years with CCC&S!


In 1947, Ralph Godfrey, then a young minister, felt called to create a safe place to provide care for aging men and women. Hilltop Haven was born in Gunter, Texas, and was one of the first area nursing communities to be certified for Alzheimer’s care. Fast forward 75 years later and 3 separate communities, CCC&S has continued carrying on Mr. Godfrey’s mission while adapting to meet the needs of older adults today.

Traditionally, the gift for a 75th anniversary is a diamond. Diamonds are formed beneath the earth’s surface, or in a science lab, under extreme heat and pressure and are regarded as one of the world’s hardest materials. During the gemstone mining process, diamonds eventually refract light, giving them their radiance and brilliance! Over time, diamonds have come to symbolize eternal love, strength, health, and long life.

As CCC&S enters its 75th year, I can’t help but think of us as a diamond. Through the years, CCC&S has endured the roller coaster of the economy, the ins, and outs of an ever-changing healthcare system, and withstood changes in our culture and society. All the while, the CCC&S light continues to shine and radiate our brilliance, symbolic of God’s everlasting love, while providing strength and health to those we serve.

We are grateful for your friendship and for the work you do at CCC&S. As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, the year of the diamond, we invite you to join us as we tell our stories, both new and old. Happy 75th Anniversary!

Sabrina R. Porter

President and CEO

P.S. Be on the lookout for more digital newsletters, magazines, and events, from CCC&S in the coming year. #doingLIFEtogether


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