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Christian Care Communities and Services Implements the Latest Technology in Brain Health and Fall Prevention

Mesquite, Texas – April 7, 2024 – Christian Care Communities and Services, a leading provider of senior living services in Dallas, Texas operated by Boncrest Resource Group and managed by Oakdale Seniors Alliance, is proud to announce the installation of the revolutionary GaitBetter system within its Mesquite community. This innovative technology aims to enhance the safety, mobility, and overall well-being of residents within the community.

The GaitBetter system represents a significant advancement in senior care technology, leveraging the latest studies that show a decline in cognitive capacity, specifically executive function, is the key driver for lower mobility and an increased risk of falls among older adults. GaitBetter uses the latest in virtual reality technology to reverse this cognitive decline by making any treadmill a personalized motor-cognitive training device.

“We are excited to introduce the GaitBetter system to our community,” said Kristen Mazza, Executive Director at Christian Care Community. “The quality of life of our residents are our top priorities, and this technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the highest quality of care.”

Unlike traditional fall prevention methods, which rely on passive interventions, such as handrails and assistive devices, the GaitBetter system incorporates recognized best practices in neuroplasticity. By simulating real-life scenarios and challenges, such as navigating obstacles or crossing busy streets, the system helps residents regain their confidence in walking and maintain key social connections.

“We believe that empowering residents with tools and resources to maintain their mobility is essential for their overall health and happiness,” added Maurice Rosenbaum, CEO of Boncrest Resource Group. “We were drawn to GaitBetter not only because it promotes active aging, but also because GaitBetter is part of the AARP AgeTech Collaborative, a highly selective program focused on technological solutions that improve the lives of older adults.”


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